2023-2024 Student Enrollment 入學註冊

Our registration is closed for the 2023-2024 school year.  Any new enrollment will be evaluated on a case by case basis.  Please email registration@npms.org if you have any questions.  The registration information for 2024-2025 school year will be posted in March 2024 on NPMS website. 


Tuition 學費

Tuition for 2023-2024 is adjusted based on the increased operating expense. Tuition includes the cost of textbook $35. 


Registration is not complete and enrollment space is not guaranteed until tuition is received by NPMS.


NPMS is run 100% by parent volunteers. The school administration team consists of board members who are elected by each class in the spring of every school year. Parent volunteer services are expected from all families to help maintain and continue the volunteer community to run NPMS effectively. 

北半島中文學校是 100% 完全由義工家長運作,各班級於每年春季選出理事代表來組織行政團隊。為了維持學校運作順暢,所有家長皆需參與學校或班級的義工服務。

For parents serving as Room Parents, Board Members, or Teachers in the 2022-2023 school year, a tuition discount for the 2023-2024 school year is as follows: 

在 2022-2023 學年擔任班級代表理事,或是教師的家長, 可獲得 2023-2024 學年的學費折如下:

NPMS rely on the parent community as a whole for weekly traffic and safety management, room parents and more. Families are required to contribute a minimum parent service of two traffic duties or equivalent school-wide events. (Classroom volunteering is not included in this service requirement and may still be expected.)

Families can choose to opt out of the service requirement for a fee of $250. Our hope is that families do not opt out of their service requirement, as your involvement makes for a stronger school community.



New Student Registration Policy 新生註冊須知

年齡限制: PreK 新生必須於 2023年九月一日年滿 4 歲, K 新生必須於 2023年九月一日年滿 5 歲。

入學評量: 六歲以上的學生,將以中文評量或 ANCCS 會員學校的成績單為入學分班之考量。

All students will be randomly assigned to a class in his/her assessed grade level. NPMS cannot place any student in classes based on student, parental or teacher requests. 


Enrollment Process 註冊流程

Refund Policy 退費規定

An official withdrawal request will need to be submitted online via the withdrawal request form. Email or verbal communication is not considered an official channel to submit such a request. The $125 registration fee is non-refundable and will be deducted from the refund. 

申請退費請填寫退費申請表電子郵件或是口頭申請皆不予受理。 $125 註冊費恕不退費,會從退費金額中扣除。

Refund deadlines 退費截止日期: 

Up to 8/25/2023: Full tuition refund 可全額退費 

8/26-9/9/2023: 50% of tuition refund 可退一半的學費

9/10/2023 and thereafter: No refunds 不接受退費


NPMS is a non-profit organization and a volunteer-based school. Board members and room parents are nominated and elected by parents to voluntarily serve to maintain school operations. Parents/guardians understand that they are expected to volunteer at school and class events.

Parents/guardians understand that it is their responsibility as a parent to actively participate in their child's school learning. Parents/guardians understand that their child(ren) is/are required to follow school rules and teacher's guidance at all times. NPMS reserves the right to take disciplinary actions, which may include disenrollment, if the child does not follow school and classroom rules.