Join the NPMS Board 加入北半島理事團隊

Every NPMS staff (except teachers) is a volunteer. NPMS elects board of directors who are primarily responsible for many school administration tasks and activities.

北半島中文學校所有理事與行政人員(教師除外) 皆由家長義務擔任, 學校每年選舉理事負責計劃與執行學校的行政和活動, 歡迎家長加入我們的團隊!

All NPMS Board of Directors

  • are volunteers

  • are parents of currently enrolled students

  • attend school board meetings

  • are required to assume at least one administrative position

Chairman of the Board

  • Preside all board meetings

  • Oversee school administrative operations

  • Attend ANCCS board meetings

Principal's Office

  • Direct school administrative operations

  • Lead public relation / recruitment effort

  • Handle all school communications

  • Manage school property

  • Attend ANCCS board meetings

  • May appoint financial auditors and administrative consultants

Office of Academic Affairs

  • Evaluate and support curriculum and teaching practices

  • Handle teacher absence and arrange for substitute teachers

  • Conduct teacher meetings

  • Administer student registration

  • Conduct student placement exam

  • Maintain student academic records

  • Coordinate academic contests

  • Order teaching materials

  • Interview qualified candidates

  • Plan for school calendar

Office of Finance

  • Keep and maintain adequate and correct account of the school's assets, liabilities, and business transactions

  • Manage payroll

  • Process expense reimbursement requests

  • File taxes

  • Provide financial statements and reports

Office of Information Technology

  • Maintain database of parent, student, and teacher information

  • Keep the school website up-to-date

  • Manage whole-school email list

  • Manage Google G Suite for school

  • Maintain school registration system

Parent Teacher Association

  • Organize and communicate with room parents

  • Manage school volunteer work, such as campus safety

  • Plan and host cultural and recreational school events.

  • Raise funds for school