August 2021

2021 Textbook Distribution Day 課本發放

On August 14th, NPMS board members and other parents accomplished the mission of distributing textbooks to all our students. Thank you, NPMS parent volunteers! Looking forward to an exciting school start!


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May 2021

Teacher and Staff Appreciation 感謝辛苦的教師和行政團隊

We, the NPMS parents, would like to express our gratitude to the teachers and staff for their dedication and commitment to the school! NPMS board members gathered and distributed gifts as a token of appreciation to our teachers on the last day of school.

北半島家長們非常感謝老師和行政團隊的用心付出!在學年的最後一天,理事們為老師們獻上感恩的禮物, 致上萬分的謝意。

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May 2021

Congratulations to the class of 2021!


The NPMS faculty and staff are so proud of the 2021 graduates! We wish our graduates the best for the next adventure!


February 2021

Happy Lunar New Year 過年了!

One of the Lunar New Year traditions is hanging spring couplets on the top and sides of the front doors. Check out this video made by NPMS parents, Chenyu Lee and Mindy Peng, to learn about spring couplets and Chinese calligraphy.


The annual Lantern Festival celebration is typically the largest NPMS community celebration every year. Although we can’t be together in person this year, we can still get together online in spirit to celebrate the new year and to spend time with members of our community. Festival activities include making a Lantern, Good Luck Ornament, and Tang Yuen.


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January 2021

Happy Holidays! 寒假愉快!

On behalf of all of the teachers and staff at NPMS, we wish you all a safe and peaceful Holiday Season! As a reminder, school will resume on January 9, 2021.


December 2020

2020 NPMS Flash Mob Video 北半島快閃音樂影片

Final is rapidly approaching. Presenting our Flash Mob Video made by NPMS parents, in order to help motivate students to keep studying Chinese! We know that they are doing their best and we want to say, keep up the good work!


November 2020

NPMS Halloween Challenge! 北半島萬聖節遊戲大挑戰!

This year we are going to celebrate Halloween in a special way. All students are invited to take a Halloween challenge! There are five Halloween games for you to play. Let’s see who can make it to the leaderboard! Go to your class Google Classroom for activity instructions. Happy Halloween!

今年我們要用特別的方式來慶祝萬聖節。大家一起來接受萬聖節遊戲大挑戰!總共有五個萬聖節遊戲讓你玩。看看誰能成為最大的贏家!請到自己班級的Google Classroom看活動說明。萬聖節快樂!

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October 2020

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 中秋節快樂!

Our 10th grade and 11th grade students recorded an illustrated story to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival (October 1st). They did an amazing job!


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September 2020

Happy Teacher's Day! 教師節快樂!

Our 5th-grade students and parents created a digital greeting card for teachers to celebrate Teacher's Day on September 28th. Our teachers have been working tirelessly to prepare for distance teaching. Let's show our appreciation to our wonderful teacher team!


August 2020

Textbook Distribution Day was a success! 發課本囉!

On August 15th, about 30 parent volunteers (including board members) showed up to help distribute textbooks to all students. It took many hours of planning and preparation of all materials. The event went smoothly and we were able to complete the mission in three hours! Thanks to all parent volunteers! You are the best! (We are sorry that we were all too busy and did not get to take a photo of everyone, but you know your efforts are very much appreciated!)


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July 2020

Training Workshops on Distance Teaching


We are ready for the new school year! See the Training Workshops on Distance Teaching our academic team offered to NPMS teachers.


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