NPMS Academic Contest Winner

Dear NPMS Families,

Thank you for supporting our annual NPMS Academic Contest. Congratulations to all the winners in each category and to every student who participated in the contests. We hope your children enjoyed themselves and gained valuable insights into their Mandarin learning experience. The Academic Team will be in touch with the first-place winners in each category, who will proudly represent NPMS at the Academic Contest hosted by the Association of Northern California Chinese School (ANCCS) on 3/24/2024.

NPMS Academic Team




國語朗讀 Mandarin Read Aloud

粵語朗讀 Cantonese Read Aloud

CFL朗讀  CFL Group Read Aloud 

國語演講 Mandarin Speech

粵語演講 Cantonese Speech

鉛筆書法 Pencil Calligraphy

漢語拼音 PinYin Phonetics

注音拼音 ZhuYin Phonetics

閱讀測驗 Reading Comprehension

西畫 Western Drawing

雙語翻譯 Bilingual Translation