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- Congratulations to all the graduates of 2020!

北半島中文學校為一非營利機構, 在灣區已有四十多年歷史, 學校行政由家長義務擔任, 我們用美洲華語教材, 教授正體字, 低年級以注音學習, 中高年級則用漢語拼音. 上課時間星期六早上 9:15-11:45, 請看我們的課程簡介.

NPMS is a non-profit organization serving local communities for 40 years. The school is run by parent volunteers. We teach Traditional Chinese, and use Zhuyin in K-3rd grade, and Pinyin after. Classes are Saturdays 9:15-11:45AM. Please see our classes.

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Mailing address:
135 West 25th Ave., #6085
San Mateo, CA 94403

School campus:
Hillsdale High School
3115 Del Monte st, San Mateo