Registration 入學註冊

Enrollment for 2019-2020

請上網 填寫註冊報名表 

Please submit the registration form online at

  1. Total annual fees for a new students are $650, including $500 tuition fees, $50 registration fees and $100 parent service deposit. Please refer to 2019-2020 Registration info document for details.
  2. If Mandarin Chinese is a foreign language to your child, and he/she is between 5-8 years old (cutoff date defined as Sep 1st), you may consider the CFL (Chinese as a Foreign Language) class (details can be found in Classes 課程簡介). Enrollment is NOT guaranteed pending number of students registered.
  3. 4th period classes are offered, including Abacus, Chinese culture, oil painting, Chinese typing, Go chess and AP Chinese (details can be found in 2019-2020 Registration info). Classes may be unavailable in case of insufficient student registration.
  4. All new students who are in grade one or above will require onsite Chinese assessments to determine the appropriate grade assignment.
  5. Class assignment is only arranged by school. We do NOT accept specific assignment requests (except siblings) or requests to transfer classes.

See details:

Any questions? Please contact us at: 

Withdraw/Refund policy

Withdrawal request must be submitted online using the withdraw application.  If the application is submitted on or before 9/14/2019, full tuition will be refunded; if submitted on or before 9/21/2019, half amount of tuition will be refunded, no tuition will be refunded after 9/21/2019.    

If the student has received the textbook/workbook, $35 will be deducted from the refund amount.