Extracurricular Classes

Extracurricular Classes (optional) 課外活動課(選修)

- At least 8 students to open八人開班
- If the number of enrollment exceeds the class limit, the student list will be determined by lottery. 報名人數超出限制時,以抽籤決定班級名單

Mandarin Conversation 中文會話
(Ages 5-7 五到七歲, Limit 12 students 限十二人)

This is a basic Mandarin class that is designed for students who are looking to practice their Mandarin conversational skills. We will teach over 20 sentence patterns that the students can apply in everyday life. During the class we will teach 4-5 new vocabulary words and 1-2 sentence patterns by using songs, activities and games. The class is designed to be fun and will use learning materials that are simple and interesting. The class is suitable for the students who wants to practice and improve their conversational skills.


(Age 5 and up 五歲以上)

Students will learn how to calculate using an abacus.

Oil Painting油畫
(Age 7 and up 七歲以上)

Students will learn the basic concept of oil painting.

Go 圍棋
(Age 7 and up 七歲以上)

Students will develop critical thinking, focus, and patience skills while playing Go, which will help them solve real life problems and decisions.

Chinese Culture 文化常識
(5th Grade and up 五年級以上)

In this course, students will learn all about Chinese culture, such as naming system, holidays, food, art, and so on. Students will also practice Chinese typing. In the 2nd semester, students will be given an assessment on Chinese culture. Based on this assessment, the school will select qualified students to participate in the ANCCS Chinese culture contest.


AP Chinese AP 中文
(9th Grade and up九年級以上)

The College Board’s AP Chinese Language & Culture Course includes vocabulary, usage, communication skills and culture awareness. Based on the AP Chinese Exam, the AP Chinese Class focuses on the ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing, as well as the basic knowledge of Chinese culture.