Classes 課程簡介

Mandarin Classes 中文班

Mandarin classes are designed for students who speak Mandarin at home. We offer classes from Pre-Kindergarten to 11th grade. All classes in this track emphasize the development of reading and writing skills in addition to oral proficiency. We teach Traditional Chinese, use Zhuyin(注音) from PreK to 3rd grade, and use Pinyin (拼音) from 4th grade and after. The textbooks we adopt for this track is MeiZhou Chinese.

我們使用美洲華語教材, 教授正體字低年級以注音學習中高年級後則用漢語拼音

Chinese as a Foreign Language Classes (CFL) 中文外語班 

The CFL track is designed for students who have minimal access to Mandarin at home. We introduce the CFL Level 1 class in the 2018-2019 school year. This class is intended for students aged 5-7. In the 2019-2020 school year, we will add CFL Level 2 (aged 6-8) to the track. More class levels will be added to this track year by year. The curriculum will focus on developing conversational skills at lower-level classes. As the level goes up, the learning of reading and writing will become a more important component in the curriculum.

CFL課程是為沒有中文語言背景的學生所設計,本校於2018-2019學年開設CFL班Level 1,招收5-7歲學生。2019-2020學年會增設CFL班 Level 2。預計未來幾年會陸續開設更多CFL班。CFL低年級課程著重於會話能力的培養,隨著年級升高,讀寫能力的訓練會逐漸增加比重。

Since CFL is a new course, please contact us (email: if you have any questions. Please read the following statements carefully if you are interested in CFL:

1. The CFL curriculum is not easier than the regular track. 
The difference between two tracks doesn't lie in the difficulty of the textbooks but in the way the language is taught. After all, there is only one Mandarin language that we want the children to master. The end goal is the same. It's just we offer differentiated learning environments so that every student can choose their optimal learning approach and be able to thrive.

2. CFL students won't get less homework.
The key to success in learning a language is abundant exposure to the language. In order for CFL children to be successful in Mandarin learning, they'll need more practices in school and at home and more help from parents. Therefore, CFL children won't get less homework. It's just that the type of homework they get will be somewhat different from those with the regular track, e.g. more focused on conversational practices. In other words, they'll be required to do all homework and complete all activities the teacher assign. 

3. Parents will need to be fully involved in CFL children's Mandarin learning.
Speaking the language once a week in school  is definitely not enough to master the language. If the child doesn't already have access to Mandarin outside of the Chinese class, we'll need to create more opportunities for them to practice Mandarin, which requires parents to fully participate in your child's learning process. Research shows that the more parents are involved, the better the child will master the language. Therefore, your participation in your child's class activities, both in and out of school, plays an extremely important role in your child's success in learning the language.